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Book Convention and New Books

So I went to the Danish Book Fair/Convention in Copenhagen this weekend. (Bogforum - Danish website). It was really big and exciting, but (unfortunately) it was more or less exclusively Danish authors and Danish books and I don't actually read much of either. Books in Denmark are very expensive, as the market is just not that big, so even though they had a lot of sales at the fair, it was still too pricey for me.

 I did get a few books though and even one comic book!

  • The Fledging of Az Gabrielson by Jay Amory (2006)
  • Wondrous Strange by Lesley Livingston (2009)
  • Dragonfly by Julia Golding (2008)
  • Vildheks (Wild/Rogue Witch) by Lene Kaaberbøl (2010)
They are all Danish translations, except the last one which is actually a Danish book/author (and signed by her too!). I usually prefer reading books in their original language (=English) but can't have it all I guess.
The comic book I got is the second book in the Passengers of the Wind (Les Passagers du vent) series by François Bourgeon, which was the only one in the collection I didn't have.


  1. Hehe!

    Fledging of Ax Gabrielson - I've reviewed this for Tellerup
    Wondrous Strange - I've recommended Tellerup translate this.
    Dragonfly - I've recommended Tellerup translate this AND if you look at the name of the person who actually translated it? That's my mum ;)

    Haven't heard of the last one, sad to say, but I've read some of Lene Kaaberbøls other books and really liked them.