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Changing back and forth

I'm once again changing my posting schedule. After a few weeks worth of 3 times a week I've now run out of reviews - mainly because I've been busy overdosing on the Harry Potter series in celebration of the final film coming to the cinemas.

I've got a whole bunch of books waiting to be read and reviewed, the immediate on the list being,

Derrolyn Anderson's Marina's Tales #2

George RR Martin's A Dance of Dragons

Maria V Snyder's Outside In (Ironically enough the library sent me book 2 before book 1. Hopefully book 1 will turn up before I have to hand back book 2!)

Maggie Stiefvater's Shiver (book #2 of The Wolves of Mercy Falls)

Neil Gaiman's American Gods (couldn't resist getting this for the kindle after reading so much about how they're making it into a tv series)

Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn Trilogy (again a kindle book - that 1-click-to-purchase button is really dangerous!)

Marina's Tales (a review of book 1 and 2) will be up on Friday the 29th and hopefully I'll then manage a review for next Friday and so on and so forth till I've caught up with my reading again.  I will also be going on holiday in the 3rd week of August, but there's ages till then.


  1. I know how you feel about being totally distracted by Harry Potter! I'm back on track (for how long...we shall see) and hoping that I can get more reviews going on a regular basis. I keep it to once a week to give myself a breather. Plus this week is going to be super busy! Gah. Have a good day noia!

  2. I try to keep mine ahead and write my posts way before they show up on the blog. About the time you see a rating on Goodreads is when the review is actually written, but I don't post the reviews to Goodreads until after they've posted to the blog. I've read the Marina's Tales Series. It's pretty good, though I think I enjoyed the second better than the first, mostly because the second clears up most of my issues with the first book. I wish I could stick to a schedule like that. About the second I give myself a posting date for something I haven't read yet it becomes the very last book I want to read. I'm awful with organization.

  3. Yeah I usually do the same jenn, but all my harry potter reading has put me way behind :)