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Let the 24 hour Readathon BEGIN!

It's 14:00 here in Denmark and the Readathon has begun! Over 700 readers across the world has signed up to participate in this weekend's event and besides reading we'll all be sharing our experiences, feelings, updates and advances on every social media imaginable.

Personally I'll be spamming my Twitter followers (I apologize for the inconvenience in advance) -  I can be found at @Gemmanebi and you can also check out the official #Readathon (last time it trended worldwide).

I'll also be posting updates and mini-reviews after every finished read here on Borough of Books as per usual and I'll be using Goodreads as well.

Happy reading everybody, I hope you have a great time and do remember, this really isn't about how much you read or how "well" you do. This is about joining in and being a part of something bigger whilst reading whatever you fancy - enjoy :)

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