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Readathon Statys #2 + mini-review

It's 16:09 and I've finished my second book. This one was equally short as my first read, but much much heavier to get through. I read Mrs Dalloway's Party by Virginia Woolf and I'll be honest with you, I didn't get it.

I've never read anything by Woolf before but obviously know her by name and have a vague idea of how she's one of the big ones. And while I really enjoyed the overall style of the writing and the descriptiveness I just did not understand what was actually going on. Maybe nothing was going on. Maybe it is just a bunch of people at a party having a miserable time because they hate their lives, their insecurities, everybody else, etc.

I have a strong feeling that I'm not highly enough cultured to read books like this properly. I'm not deep enough.

Mrs Dalloway's Party
by Virginia Woolf
ISBN10: 0701203781
70 pages / published in 1925

Review by Iben Jakobsen, BoB, 2014


  1. I'm impressed with your reading totals! Way to go! I hope you'll enjoy your next book better, though. Let's be honest here - Woolf is dense. I wouldn't dare to read one of her books in a readathon - you are very brave.

    #Team Wordsworth

    1. Haha, brave or just ignorant? :p But thank you, thankfully my third book has proven a much more entertaining read ;)

  2. I've heard that Virginia Woolf's has a stream of consciousness writing style that can be a bit confusing. I don't think you're not deep enough, it was just a different type of book that takes some getting used to. I hope you're having fun in the readathon! Here's a little cheer for you:
    Hey book adorer
    Explorer of words
    Engage in the page by page
    Explorer of the worlds
    Line by line
    You’re doing fine!


    1. Yay, thanks for the cheer :) I'll definitely have to revisit Woolf when I have the time to give her the time and thought she requires. But at least now I've been introduced to her :)