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Before Eurovision Song Contest 2015 pt. 1

And now for something completely different.

As you may know if you follow me on twitter, every year I live tweet during the Eurovision Song Contest about my opinion on each song, the singers, the hosts and the show in general. Today I'm bringing the ESC to BoB too (aren't you all just thrilled? ;)

Usually I go in watching the semi-finals on Tuesday and Thursday with no idea what to expect. I’ve never sought out the competing songs prior to the shows and it’s sheer happenstance if I’ve heard any of them before they go on stage.

This year however I noticed that DR1 (the Danish public service channel (sort of like BBC)) had made two hour-long broadcasts available online (Danish readers, you can find the show here) where they show every single music video and song in the correct order for the two semi-finals.

In this pt. 1 we look at the 16 songs of the first semi-final (on Tuesday the 19th) as well as 4 of the songs guaranteed to be in the final (Saturday the 23rd).

Beneath the cut are my thoughts on them:

It’s actually a pretty neat song with a catchy beat and chorus, but the music video is ridiculous. I don’t know what they were thinking. Looks like he just want the bad boy image and somebody had the brilliant idea to have him in a car chase where he blows up police cars whilst making out with a hot girl. I’m getting a Bieber vibe.

The 6 singers’ voices do not go well together at all; particular the opera like girl sticks out. The song doesn’t do anything for me with the lyrics so obscure and the melody lacking. It’s very power ballad wannabe. The music video looks very basic with the singers walking around in a small maze of walls intercut with footage of a family from a couple of centuries ago gathering for a family picture.

The flashing lights in the (completely random) music video annoys me, but the indie rock vibe of the song is good. I doubt it can convince all of Europe that it’s a winner, but I’d definitely listen to this again. The singer’s got a really good voice.

First thought: this song has potential. Lots of it. The music is simple enough, but the singer’s voice is strong and compelling. I don’t like the black and white music video which seems to be about a cougar (the singer) and a younger hot guy taking his shirt off. Final thought: good, but a bit basic. Nothing really happened.

More hard rock from Finland this year? Song by… old guys? With possible Downs’ syndrome? Or is that just the music video? I don’t like the song as I’m not into grunge. There’s also nothing exciting about it, very flat line. Also the song barely takes 2 minutes? I'm just really confused right now.

One woman in a red dress on a stage singing a power ballad. I’ll admit, I’m bored right from the start. Conchita Wurst nailed it last year, but they rarely work. This one has nothing that makes it stand apart and there’s no melody to remember.

Apparently this one’s a favourite to win. The song is alright, but it didn’t blow me away at all. The music video tells the tale of a man and a woman having a domestic dispute/break-up.

The song is pretty good. It starts out a bit quiet, but then pounds through. The music video is hand drawn and slightly animated, very cute. I really like this one, it’s something I’d listen to.

Music video is the singer in a studio intercut with fans videotaping themselves singing along. Very youtube. Song is about.. inner beauty I guess. That it’s okay to be different. The singer’s got a very strong voice, but the song doesn’t do anything for me. I didn’t need the techno beat and the song we’ve heard a million times before.

Anti-war song. Very hippie music video with street performance “live” on a square somewhere, no music at all but a guy strumming along on his guitar. Obviously it’s a nice sentiment and obviously a bit fat no to war, but this song’s going nowhere. The 3 singers barely seem to be in tune with each other. And now the crowd is singing along – I doubt they’ll do that at the semi-final.

The music video is all over the place. Haven’t we already seen a girl trapped in an hourglass before? And why he’s wearing elfish ear jewellery I’ll never know. The song is actually pretty nice though.

Music video is filled of gorgeous shots of perfectly lit people with bright eyes standing together. Her song’s not bad at all, but doesn’t really do anything special for me, but the video is really pretty and you feel the sentiment behind it – which is pretty funny considering how most of Europe feels about Russia these days.

Ugh. Not the song I would have chosen to represent Denmark that’s for sure. I’ve heard it so often now though, that it doesn’t bother me much. It has the potential to be remembered though, standing out a bit in a good way. There’s no music video, just the boys performing on stage.

The music video has a very depressing feel to it and I don’t like the sound. The singer’s voice and attitude just rubs me the wrong way. Also her lipstick appliance is atrocious.

The music video is simple and pretty. There’s some story being told of a young buy whilst the band is standing by a lake. The singer’s got a charming accent when singing in English. I rather like this song. Also the added text about how 3 million+ Romanian work abroad to earn money but are forced to leave their kids behind was a nice touch.

GIRL POWER! or something. Singer’s got a funny way of pronouncing ‘warrior’. The music video is black and white, spinning around women in costumed versions of historic characters –ish. Curious to see what the stage performance of this will be.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

AUSTRIA (Host nation)
There’s no music video for this one, just the stage performance. I’m getting a Beatles vibe from the guy on the piano singing his heart out. I sort of like it, but then again not really. It’s rather boring actually.

First country so far to sing in their mother tongue rather than English. How very typical of Spain. It’s a power ballad. I’m not impressed. I usually aren’t. It’s got a nice beat though and the chorus’ pretty neat. The music video is about a hot guy trying to get the girl who turns out to be a tiger/witch? Meanwhile he’s running on a treadmill and it looks super fake.

Yet another song not in English. Seems pretty heartfelt what she’s singing, but obviously I have no clue. While pretty, it’s also completely boring. The music video tells me nothing. Look how pretty France’s coastal line is? Has it something to do with WW2? Old people and bunkers on the beach.. I DON’T KNOW!

I’m so excited about this!! It seems very clear that they sent us an actual pop hit song.; it lacks the cheesy vibe of way too many years of sequins and raunchy acts. I’m not blown away by their song, but I like it. The music video is just the singers and band in a studio.

TL;DR - There are a few rather good ones among a whole lot of not so interesting ones. I didn't really hear anything particularly bad though. I wonder if they've saved those for the other semifinal?
I'm rooting for Belgium, Macedonia,  Belarus and Romania to make the cut.

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