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Before Eurovision Song Contest 2015 pt. 2

And now for something completely different.

As you may know if you follow me on twitter, every year I live tweet during the Eurovision Song Contest about my opinion on each song, the singers, the hosts and the show in general. Today I'm bringing the ESC to BoB too (aren't you all just thrilled? ;)

Usually I go in watching the semi-finals on Tuesday and Thursday with no idea what to expect. I’ve never sought out the competing songs prior to the shows and it’s sheer happenstance if I’ve heard any of them before they go on stage.

This year however I noticed that DR1 (the Danish public service channel (sort of like BBC)) had made two hour-long broadcasts available online (Danish readers, you can find the show here) where they show every single music video and song in the correct order for the two semi-finals.**

In this pt. 2 we look at the 17 songs of the second semi-final (on Thursday the 21st) as well as 3 of the songs guaranteed to be in the final (Friday the 23rd).

**because I couldn't wait for the second Danish show to air I watched the videos on the official youtube playlists and it turns out that the show used different ones in some songs (stage performances vs music videos).

Beneath the cut are my thoughts on them:

Some sort of experimental video where they ask first time listeners to "react" to the music. Very goofy wannabe-feel-good. Lots of kissing. My reaction is that I don't care for her voice or the song in general. 

This song didn't really do anything for me, it's a bit dull. I'm honestly just quite surprised they sent a serious contender this time. The music video is just her in a warehouse with a piano.

... High School Musical San Marino style meets Disney? Overly happy upbeat and really not very good. Music video is just the two singers taking themselves way too seriously.

Surprised that they're not singing in English, but refreshing. The tune is folksy, the song bland. Music video is nature shots and singer and his chorus girls on a grey background. It's honestly very douche-baggy.

Yet another song called Warrior. I really don't like the music video but the song sounds alright. Her voice just doesn't sound quite strong enough to carry her own chorus line, which is a right shame.

It's very slow, but it sounds really good. Their voices compliment each other's and keep you listening. I'm just afraid it's way too slow for a competition like this, even with that ending. The music video is a candle light supper that goes awry.

This is surprisingly also not in English. The beat is good, but there's nothing that keeps me entertained or interested. Her voice never shines through. There's no music video, just her performing on stage.

I want to like this one, their voices work very well together and it's not bad, it's just not really working for me either. The music video is a lot of different light sources and words from the lyrics as the singers sing.

Basically one man's song about how awesome he is and how much you should like him and want to party all night long with him. Odd mix of western pop and local folksy melodies. It sounds horrible. Music video is him parading his awesomeness around. Can you tell I really don't like him?

Until she started shouting the chorus I couldn't make out a word of what she's singing. The chorus is not bad, but everything else is just, what? Also there's really a lot of smoke in the music video. All in all I just feel this is way to modern and "club" for the ESC. Just bring back the sequins.

I might just start to have reached my limit of listening to music, but while this is nice, it's also just so boring. It feels like something I've heard a thousand times before.

Again, I'm not completely sold, but this is better, definitely. Her entire look and outfit seems very inspired by the Danish winning song of 2013. Feels like the sort of song that grows on you.

... Sweden you rascals you. Hands down best song I've heard so far of them all. Dance House stuff as they've produced so much of up there and they're really good at. The beat could be heavier, but it's very good.

This song is really bland. She's busy promoting herself and her time in the spotlight, whilst the entire music video feels like a commercial for some random clothes shop. Her voice is good though, the song's just all wrong.

This is such a depressing love song. Nothing happens. At all. Even the lyrics are repetitive. And why is he black/white on a colour background?

Though not a fan of the string instrument element, I rather enjoyed this song. Her voice is very interesting and the tune was good. Very curious how this will sound live though.

Looks like they've decided to be a bit more modest this time around with the Polish act. It's a pretty song that sounds very nice, but it's also just so slow. I can't recall any slow songs having much success over the past decade in Eurovision. But again, I enjoy this one. Also, it took me very long to realise the singer is in a wheelchair.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

I don't like this one. All the sound just seems to lump together and it becomes an annoying drone. There's no music video for this one, just the stage performance.

What a surprise, it's not in English. It looks to be an Italian opera inspired boyband. It really couldn't be more Italian if they tried. It sounds really nice, but it's not going anywhere. They'll never win with stuff like this.

The UK seems to be really trying to think out of the box this year (about time they win too), but it really annoys me how American this thing sounds. I doubt they'll get far :/

TL;DR - There are so many boring songs in this batch! Holy cow, this is gonna be one long evening to watch again.
I'm rooting for Sweden, Norway and Iceland (how very Danish of me) and also Sloveni and Poland to make the cut.

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