About Me

Right, so I've decided to do a little post to tell you about me and this blog.

I'm going to focus on book reviews. Because I'm nobody special, unknown and a poor university student to boot who lives in Denmark (which has the most expensive postal service in the world), I'm not going to host giveaways (at least I don't currently plan to - maybe I'll do one when I reach 50 followers or so).

Furthermore I won't do all sorts of memes. I'm here to review books, not tell you random oddities about myself (should you wish to know more about me though, I can recommend you befriend me on livejournal).

I'm also going to promise you that I will never hurt your eyes with different font sizes and colours plastered all over the page. There will be no sparkly .gifs, nothing flashing and nothing that is generally just not needed. I can't stand reading through mess like that myself and I won't force it on others. There'll be front cover pictures and my rating images, not much else.

The books I review will be a mixture of the ones I own currently and the ones I buy in the future, so a mixture of both old and new. As I have no affiliation with any publishers, it all depends on what I can afford :)
I read fantasy, I read historical novels and if they catch my interest I read crime and mystery novels.

I hope you enjoy and I look forward to introducing you to some excellent books in the future and warn you which ones to stay clear off.


  1. hello, I found you through bookblogs.ning - good luck on your new venture, I'm looking forward to reading what you have to say.


  2. Thank you Man of la Books :)

  3. I am new to this, but I find some blogs really confusing, and don't quite understand giveaways. I think my blog will be simple too!



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