Borough of Books

Now with a fancy domain!

It's still fully available through but now a simple can also take you there here.


Domain change aborted. It's acting up a lot. More news later (tm)


  1. Isn't that a fabulous feeling- a whole domain name all to yourself? :)I recently experienced the same thing!


  2. @Lisa - thank you :D It's awesome ^^
    Unfortunately I noticed that there was an issue with the web-alias: once you'd clicked no matter how many internal or external links you clicked your url was frozen to it. This meant that you wouldn't be able to see the urls for the individual posts etc.
    So it's now just a web-forward, which basically means that you click/enter and it takes you to the blogspot domain.
    Hehe, oh well, maybe I'll get it working like I really want it too eventually :)

  3. New Follower .

  4. I see you are reading The Ghost Hunter. I hope you like it. I know I really enjoyed it!

    Black Disaster Fairy


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