Dreamwalk by Sarah MacManus

After the death of her mother, eighteen year old Chloe Hawthorn is haunted by terrifying nighttime hallucinations. Determined to take control of her dreams, she uses them to find Shane Anderson, a charming and troubled musician whose online videos have been holding her in thrall. She finds him in the Dreamtime, sweating out heroin detox in a run-down rehab center.

Chloe sets out to find Shane in the waking world and discovers her dreams have been taking her into the past. Horrified, Chloe realizes Shane doesn't survive his addictions. In order to save him, Chloe must master her Australian mother's legacy — the secret of walking the Dreaming through time. But what price will Chloe pay for this Dreamwalk and will she save Shane only to lose him forever?

Taking sleepwalking to a whole new level.

It's overall well written and was a bit hard to put down. I wish there was more to the ending of it as I'm not a fan of open fade-outs. The general wrap up was also a bit vague and it did lose me at some point with all Australian mysticism. It's what allows the story to takes place, but it's also very difficult to understand and I ended up giving up understanding and just read on, hoping I'd catch up.

Chloe is an engaging young woman and Shane was nice enough. Not my kind of guy with the whole emo, broken-hearted, having a hard time, drug-story past. However they work well together and their meetings as she sleep and he assumes he's finally lost it are very interesting. She takes on the role to be his saviour, and boy, does he need to be saved.

It's a good book. A bit vague concerning the whole dreamwalking and how that works, but the story still works out well.

242 pages / published in 2011
Review by Iben Jakobsen, BoB, 2011

Many thanks to the author for supplying me with a copy to review


  1. This book sounds amazing. What a great new concept (at least I haven't read this before). Thanks for the review!


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