The Ghost Hunter by Lori Brighton

When Ashley Hunter inherits the Inn where her father mysteriously vanished years ago, she jumps at the chance to finally uncover the truth about his disappearance. But soon after taking ownership of the decrepit building, Ashley realizes she’s in for far more than she bargained. Not only has she inherited answers to many sought-after questions, she’s also inherited spirits, demons and even fallen angels! Then Cristian arrives, a gorgeous man who insists he merely needs a room to rent. She believes him, until one by one her ghosts start disappearing...

Could have been so much more.

It's a bit of a shame with this book, because it could have been really good. Unfortunately it can't quite decide what to be. Fantasy mystery horror? Paranormal romance erotica? There are too many questions left unanswered and too many loose strings dangling in the wind. It's a well written book and I loved the concept, I loved the ghosts, the paranormal activity and the good vs. bad - angel style. Truly loved it. And though I'm not a fan of erotica that too was well-written. But it seemed thrown in there at random, breaking the flow of the story. Sudden very explicit sexual adventures, where, had it just been a cuddle and a kiss, it would have worked much better with the rest of the pacing of the plot.

I liked the characters, they respond quite well to the settings and situations they find themselves in, but again, there are so many things I would liked to have known about them both. Things that would have made me feel more for them and ultimately understand their actions.

All in all it's still an enjoyable read, I just think had it been more focused on the mystery paranormal plot it would have been a much stronger book.

310 pages (ePub) / published in 2010
Review by Iben Jakobsen, BoB, 2011

Many thanks to the author for supplying me with a copy to review 


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