Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke

Third and final book in the Inkheart Trilogy.
My review of Inkheart (#1) can be found here and of Inkspell (#2) here.
WARNING: contains ever so slight spoilers for the previous books.

Life in the Inkworld has been far from easy since the extraordinary events of Inkspell, when the story of Inkheart magically drew Meggie, Mo and Dustfinger back into its pages.
With Dustfinger dead, and the evil Adderhead now in control, the story in which they are all caught has taken an unhappy turn.
As winter comes on, there is reason to hope -  but only if Meggie and Mo can rewrite the wrongs of the past and make a dangerous deal with Death...

When the ink dries.

It's by far the darkest of the books, but I must admit I never felt the thrill. It got dark and it was fairly boring. The oh so terrible cruel monstrous villains I never felt any fear of. It's a bit like watching a modern Disney film. No matter how gruesome the villains are, you don't feel a thing, because you know it will all end happy anyhow.

I do still love the concept of a book within a book. Especially the thoughts given to who is actually writing the story now. It's somewhat a show down between Fenoglio (the "author") and Orpheus (the wannabe).

The main characters still annoy me. I never feel like I properly get to know them and understand them. We get a bit closer to Mo in this book, but Resa is still just fluttering all over the place and Meggie is the heroine who's asked to be quiet while the menfolk save the day. Dustfinger is quite brilliant though (also, imagining him as Paul Bettany who plays the part in Inkheart, the film, helps).

I did overall enjoy the book though. I'm happy to be done with the trilogy, but it was worth the read, and I do love the concept.

717 pages / published in 2007
Review by Iben Jakobsen, BoB, 2011


  1. I was really disappointed with this one - it felt like the characters were all different people and things ended completely differently to how it was suggested in the last two books. I loved the first two though.

    I'm reading a book called Between Two Ends at the moment, which is about a boy going into Arabian Nights. It's fun :)

  2. @Tiny Library - I can totally follow you on that, it was a *very* different end from what I had imagined would happen. As you know, I didn't like the first one all that much, so I think Inkspell (#2) will be my favourite of the 3 :)

    Sounds interesting, looking forward to read about :)


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