Flee Market

Yesterday I went to a fleemarket with my sister. She had a car full of toys to sell (her son, my nephew, is growing up way too quick!) and I decided to do a harsh but much needed cut on my extensive dvd-collection as well as try and sell some of all the books that only collect dust on the shelves after one read. I also brought some older/unused PC games, my dvd-player (replaced it recently with a bluray player) and some assorted junk stuff.

The market started at 9 am and we had to be there early to get a decent place so we decided to meet at her place around 8, and off we went. We were there at roughly 8.30 and the place was crammed with sellers and booths. It's held on a rather large parking lot and all spaces were taken. However, I noticed that the adjacent parking lot had a lot of room, so we parked there, opened the trunk and ended up with a prime spot! (illustration below as it's just too difficult to explain - hope it makes just a tiny bit sense).

We ended up having a really good day - we didn't sell an enormous amount, but enough to keep the fire going. I only sold two books, but one of them made it all worth it.

A young boy of about 10 years old came biking past, stopped, stepped off his bike, walked straight to my book-box, picked up the Danish paperback of Harry Potter 1, looked at it for a few minutes, then walked straight over to me and waved it in my general direction. He didn't speak a word, just nodded when I asked him if he wanted it and mutely handed me the money when I told him what it cost (I was more or less giving these books away, the prices were so low). He then took his book, put it in the bike's luggage rack and whizzed off again. I really hope he will enjoy that book as much as I did.

 (God, it really does look like a pile of trash - it's all good stuff this!)


  1. That's such a nice story. Great that you had a good day and even better about the little boy. Good to know kids are still reading :)

  2. Glad your book has gone to a good home. I have lots of books that I know I won't read again but can't bear to part with them!

  3. @Lan - yeah :) it really gave me quite a warm feeling, knowing that.

    @Tiny Library - some of them I am a bit sad to say goodbye to, but mostly it's books that just didn't quite fit me.


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