I'd like to just take the time and tell you a little about the possible future of Borough of Books.

As some of you may know I also have the blog Northern Tower, but it's not updated often as I haven't had the time lately. I've been writing my bachelor paper and on Tuesday I'll be defending it and hopefully pass my exam and earn my Bachelor degree in library and information science.

Meanwhile it's struck me as a bit silly that when I finally do write something good for NT it's not seen by a whole lot as I barely do any PR for that blog. All my focus is on BoB. I've therefore decided to start posting more than just reviews/author interviews here (which reminds me I have to write one of those for Patricia Williams!). I'll still do a review every Tuesday and Friday, but from now on I'll just also post other (still book related) stuff once in a while, be it some random news or something funny I thought I'd share with you. Overall I hope to give BoB a tiny dash of personality as it is currently very sombre.

I've also been debating doing a monthly post/newsletter that basically just sums up reviews of the past month and maybe tells about what I plan for the upcoming month.

If you have any suggestions, critique or other comments I'd love to hear it.


  1. I think that sounds like a good idea. Usually when I post something a bit more personal on my blog, I get a very good response.

  2. Good luck with your paper and exams, I'm sure you'll do great!

  3. @mummazappa - thank you :D


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