Summary - June

June was a busy month. I passed my final exam and can now boast of having a bachelor degree in library and information science. Next stop - a Master's degree! School starts again September 1st, so from now on till then it's work-work-work, read-read-read and SUN-SUN-SUN (hopefully). I won't be going on any actual holiday till mid-August, but am hoping to pass the summer with the above-mentioned and moving. I'm currently waiting for an apartment to become available through the university home association.. thingy (students only, so it's cheap and there's always new places opening up).

Just a few weeks ago I decided to slightly change Borough of Books and start posting more personal posts rather than solely reviews. However, due to my sudden freedom after the exams I read a book a day and have been posting a review Monday - Wednesday - Friday - I hope you don't mind!

Below is a summary of June. 14 posts in total! (this one not included)


  1. I don't mind at all! I spend too much time outdoors now with the nephew and haven't been reading enough. Gah. I think I read more in the winter time. My blog needs come sprucing up! :)

    By the way, congrats on finishing school and good luck with the Masters! How awesome...

  2. @BookGeek - thank you very much :) I'm stuck inside most of the time, the summer weather so far has been quite a disappointment :(
    I'll be looking forward to more of your posts :)


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