The Aftermath of a Good Book

I've noticed that I have a hard time getting into a new book after reading something brilliant. A 5 star book is hard to follow up on, and it gets even worse if you don't have high expectations for the next book.

I think it stems from being so immersed in either a spectacular story, some fantastic characters or maybe even just the magical surroundings - or all three. Point is, you're utterly captivated and you don't want it to end. So when it does, and you're forced into an empty void, and you pick up the next book to fill out the silence, you, or I at least, find that unless the book is equally amazing and engaging I spend a few days not reading as much as usual, but instead grumble about how it isn't as good - basically mourning the previous book.

In the last few days I've read first Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and then The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory and both are absolutely amazing. Pride and Prejudice is a literary masterpiece and The Red Queen is a historical novel by a master of the genre. I then went on to read a self-published YA novel and I'll be frank with you here, I was less than impressed (the review will be up Monday the 18th). I wonder now if my dislike for it was strengthened because I'd just read two amazing books and it couldn't measure up in any way. It was a bad book regardless but it would be interesting to know if I would have been quite so hard on it if I'd read something less impressive beforehand.

On another note, look what I just bought :3

(The Red Queen was a library book and so brilliant I had to own it (and considering I already have book 1, The White Queen, it seemed silly not to.))

Can't wait for the 12th to roll on by so I can get the 5th book in an amazing series. Have been waiting for A Dance with Dragons for a long time!


  1. I couldn't agree with you more! I also go through a withdrawal period or mourning period. I suppose I never thought it might correlate to how I view the next one. Good point! Great post.

  2. @BookGeek - glad it's not just me then :) Thank you ^^

  3. I think it's everyone, if that next book doesn't instantly grab you it drags worse than in normally would and you're sitting there telling yourself I promised I'd review this just to keep turning the pages. It's really not fair to the next book but on the flip side if you don't read it right then you'll probably fall behind, unless you're me and you're always behind in which case you need to read that book you don't quite feel like reading even more.

  4. @Jenn - I don't think the entire book will suffer though. If the next book after a great one isn't immediately great, the first hand impression will suffer. It's still got the rest of the book to impress me with though. If it's a truly bad book, then yes, I may turn out a bit harder on it that I otherwise would have, but if it turns out good in the end I think it will cancel out my initial dislike.


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