Bookly News #2

Jane Austen's unfinished manuscript The Watsons from 1804 has just been sold at an action for the staggering sum of £993,250 - more than triple the expected price.

Stephen King's The Dark Tower series, consisting so far of 7 books mixing the Wild West with fantasy and horror, was due to be adapted for the big screen, but the project has now been put on hold indefinitely. 3 films starring Javier Barden in the lead had been planned as well as a tv series and production was planned to start in late summer this year, but Universal Studios have due to budget difficulties pulled out for now.
Personally I haven't read the books yet, not being a huge King fan, but I had been looking forward to seeing this, so am hoping Universal Studios will get their economy back on course. This isn't the first film project they've cancelled due to money problems.

Borders, the second largest bookstore chain in the USA, has after 40 years on the market declared bankruptcy. Recent changes in shopping with people buying books online (both digital and physical copies) rather than going to the stores have led to the chain's downfall. Barnes & Nobles, the biggest chain, is also struggling.
My thoughts and best wishes go out to the many many employees who are now facing unemployment.


  1. The news about Borders makes me sad :( I was planning to spend a LOT of money there when we go to NYC this autumn.

  2. Borders: really sad to here such calamity.

  3. I'm not really surprised about Borders, they made Barnes and Noble look like a discount bookstore. I bought the Chronicles of Narnia there in hardcover the book was like $35.00 when I took the price sticker off after I got home they'd added $10 to the cover price of the book. I'm not sad to see this store go because in my opinion they had a nice reputation for ripping off their customers.


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