I just came home from watching the final film and the end of an era.  

Harry Potter 7 pt. 2 opens at the close and dear lord was it good. This is not a review, I don't review films, this is me telling you WOW. I loved it. I cried, I laughed and I urge you to watch it too. Obviously it changes a few things (how can it not?) but overall it follows the book very closely and as a book fan, I was more than happy with it.

I'd like to thank J.K. Rowling for writing something so amazing that it has had me spellbound for more than 10 years now, the various directors and actors for bringing the books to the big screen (with various degrees of success), Yates for sending them off with a big bang, and finally my parents for buying me the first few books and taking me to see the films and always encouraging me to follow the magic.


  1. I couldn't agree more - it was definitely a film that made me laugh, cry and cheer out loud! It is a bit bittersweet that the saga is over, but one of the joys of fantasy is that there is a timeless quality to it so here's hoping we can all enjoy reliving Harry's adventures over and over and over again!

  2. @lisa - as Rowling said, "Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home". It was very bittersweet yes, but so amazing.
    I'll be seeing it again on Monday :)

  3. I only saw the first two films but I did read all the books. When all films are released on DVD, I think I'll spend a week watching them in sequence.

  4. God damn i wanna watch it so much, instead i started reading it again!!!

  5. @Mike - that's gonna be an incredibly tough weekend I can promise you that. A week ago I had an HP marathon with a couple of friends of mine and after 11 hours worth of watching with over 5 to go we crashed and burned. I'd recommend watching them over a week instead, 1 every evening or something like that - to give your brain a rest from the magic, the bad acting and the many deviations from the books.


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