The Plot Graph

To better show you how I felt a book, I've added the plot graph (any suggestions for a cooler name?)

It (sort of) maps out the events of a book and how interesting they were. It's in no way accurate, it doesn't follow chapters or pages (= a dot is not a chapter, it's a happening. That happening could be something huge like a death or a proposal or just a sentence that for me meant something big)

In the above graph you can see the 5 different zones.
  1. is basically boring or bad
  2. that state where it could go either way
  3. is quite decent
  4. is pretty good
  5. is so awesome you can't put it down
As such the graph depicts a book that starts out okay, then rockets up to something amazing only to  plummet down into something really bad, but it ends up gradually pulling itself up again.

On the actual reviews I won't be including the numbers nor an explanation of the graph, because I don't want this to be super strict. It's merely just about getting a feel of it.

EDIT: on further thought, I should also mention that most good books will hover around 3 and 4, peeking into 5 for the really good bits.


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