The Last Olympian

Percy Jackson and the Olympians, book 5.
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Most people get presents on their sixteenth birthday. I get a prophecy that could save or destroy the world. That's how it is when you're the son of Poseidon, God of the Sea. According to an ancient prophecy, bad things will happen when I turn sixteen - because I'm the one who gets to decide the fate of the entire world. But no pressure. This is the one where Kronos, Lord of the Titans, is beginning his attack of New York City, where Mount Olympus stands virtually unguarded. Oh, and the dreaded (and not to mention enormous) monster Typhon is also heading our way. So it's me and forty of my demigod friends versus untold evil... Can Percy stop the rampage of the titans, to save Olympus - and himself?

The final instalment of the Percy Jackson series went down with a bang. It's crammed with action and witty comments that had me giggling throughout the book. The entire series has received 3-4 stars pr book - they are by no means great pieces of literature, but I've truly enjoyed reading them and following the characters - many of these I didn't even like originally, but I think they just grew on me.

In this 5th and final book it's the big showdown between Kronos and Percy - a build-up that started all the way back in book 1. Though I'm a bit sceptical concerning many of the heroic feats the kids pull off, sometimes you've just gotta go with it. Some things are a bit too easily avoided and I must say, it bugs me how often Percy has a chance to find out something vital, but can't be bothered to press the issue, and as such it's a big cliffhanger by the end.

I'm happy to have read the entire series, but am also happy it's over now. It was getting a bit thin, but book 5 is at least much better than the rather thin cup of soup that was book 4.

361 pages / published in 2009
Review by Iben Jakobsen, BoB, 2011


  1. I'm thinking of reading these books to my class next year - would you say they are suitable for 10-11 year olds? My bookstore has them filed under 8+.

  2. @Sam - oh definitely, I'd think they'd really enjoy it. The main character starts out 12 years old (if I remember correctly) and ends up as 16 but it never turns into YA. It's head on action, mythology and friendship


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