Summary - July

God, I can't believe July is already over and done with! I've worked so many shifts this month and also been busy around the house and biking miles and miles now that my dad is back home and can kick my butt if I get too lazy. We also built my 2½ year old nephew a wooden tower.
The weather has been pretty pathetic. Danish weather can be very difficult to predict, but usually we have very cold winters and very warm summers. This year though (like the last) we had a blizzard and 2 metres of snow in March and, well, we just had the wettest July for many many years. Huzzah.

I read some 10 books and reviewed 12.

Below is a summary of July. 16 posts in total!


  1. Trust me! I can't believe that it's August already. Where did my summer go? Oh wait...I don't have a "real" summer anymore. Stupid job. If I could go back to my college-age self I would remind me everyday to enjoy those lazy, part-time summers. Hope August brings some warm weather for ya!

  2. Wow Noia you've had a very busy July. I didn't even read half the books that you did! The wooden house is so cute. Wish I'd had one when I was younger. I can understand your woes about the weather. Here in Melbourne Australia we've had the wettest winter ever and I am gloomy every day. Cannot wait for spring.

  3. Thanks BookGeek and Lan :) I can't believe how time has flown! I hope you both have a great August :)


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