Interview with Patrick Rothfuss

Yesterday I got an email from the Science Fiction Book Club regarding a youtube video they thought I'd appreciate - they were right!

The video is an interview with Patrick Rothfuss (author of the great books The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man's Fear) at WorldCon 2011. Rothfuss among other things talks about why book 2 took so long, what we can expect from book 3 and just generally shows what a cool person he seems to be. Down to earth and a smile on his lip :)

In other news, I've moved in and though it's quiet and a tiny bit lonely I'm happy and enjoying it. I'm still unpacking and keep having the feeling of drowning in cardboard boxes, but thankfully today I've emptied enough that I can't start to unfold them and put them away! Will post pictures once it's all done :)


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