Moving and working my butt off!

I'm moving :)

Saturday we drove up two cars and a trailer full of all most of my stuff and unloaded it into my new apartment. We then drove to the nearby IKEA (my favourite store ever) and I went mad. I'm telling you my credit card cried blood - thank god I've been saving up for a few years!

The kitchen was a pitiful thing and I had decided to get a brand new one. After spending more money than I've ever spent before in one go, we once more loaded the trailer and took it over to the apartment and once more carried it all in. At this point my arms were about to fall off! (and my apartment living room looked like a cardboard monster had vomited in it)

Sunday my dad and I went back up there and started to work on part of the kitchen. Basically we're making the hallway part of the kitchen in order to give me more table room and room for both fridge/freezer and stove. We completely finished the hallway Sunday.

Today we got to work on the original kitchen, we've got a lot of tearing down to do! We also built _all_ the other pieces of furniture I bought in IKEA in order to be rid of all the cardboard packaging. I've got 4 bookcases, 2 for books and 2 featuring glass doors (1 small, 1 big) for kitchen stuff.

As you can see in the video below it's all pretty messy right now, but hopefully you can also see the potentially awesomeness lurking right around the corner!


  1. Good luck with getting everything all homely and the way you like it. It's a stressful time but exciting too :)

  2. At least the kitchen is easy to arrange. You can also ask from friends to help you unpack.

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