Uninspiring reads

I've really hit an unlucky streak of books lately.

It started out several weeks ago when I found a book in a book store that I initially thought would be just my type of book. However as soon as I started reading it, it soon became clear that The People's Queen by Vanora Bennett is really not my type of book. It should be, considering it's based in England in the 14th century and has its focus on the monarchy.

What's my problem then? It's utterly and completely dull. 298 pages in, with over 200 to go, nothing has actually happened of any even mild interest and the two main characters, Chaucer (poet and spineless) and Alice (money-grubbing mistress to the king) just go on and on about their boring lives. I've more or less just given up on finishing it it.

My advice to you all: Don't read this book.

Whilst reading the above abomination dullard, I started and finished City of Bones, which as you know (well you would if you've read my review) didn't really impress me much.

After that I got started on A Dance of Blades by David Dalglish (book 2 of the Shadowdance Trilogy - my review of book 1, A Dance of Cloaks, can be found here). Lucky me, this book is almost as uninspiring as the rest of them! The first 60% of the book (according to the kindle app) I've spent wondering who's who and why they're doing what they do. It jumps around and even started to ignore the timeline and sprang back and forth. Now at 79% I'm really just looking forward to the end of it.


  1. What bad luck. Despite all three books being so different as well. I have to admit the Mortal Instruments did nothing for me either even though everyone else seems to love them.

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  2. @Lan, I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't like them all that much :)
    It's so typical though hitting a bad streak when you could really do with something good!
    Will check out your giveaway immediately!

  3. Lol Noia! GFC is google friend connect! You're already a follower you automatically get 2 entries so come back and joining the fun:)


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