Breaking Dawn pt. 1

Last night I watched Breaking Dawn pt. 1 and holy hell did I enjoy it!
I think mostly they hit it head on, really nailed it.

My only beef with it was Bella looking terrified rather than nervous but happy walking down the isle, the lack of background info on Leah and her and Jacob in wolf form and him being more RAWR-F-U-ALL. I did love the added wolf action, there was so much more tension and drama than in the book.

I love how they made Bella look while preggers and I love that Edward looked.. less.. stupid. His hair was more controlled and his lipstick less painfully obvious.

The honeymoon was great, though a bit too "yes you're having sex, we get the point, move on." However, her attempting to seduce him was brilliant!!! I love the humour they incorporate in these films, it's great :)

The film lasted 2 hours or so and I think they could easily have made it 20-30 min longer just to add in some extra details and stuff, but I guess I can just look forward to the extended and deleted scenes when it comes out on bluray.

I just reread the entire book series before watching the film, and i was really into the whole mood of it, and the film didn't disappoint. All in all, a great experience and I can't wait to go watch it again.

Also, be sure to stay put in the cinema when the credits are rolling, there's more!!!


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