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Am super excited, just got home from visiting my parents (and working at my old job back home) and in my mail there was a lovely package from one of my favourite online book stores.

Angel by L.A. Weatherly

10 days ago I belatedly celebrated my birthday and my new apartment and my amazing friends bought me some lovely gifts. One of these were Angel Fire (#2 in the series). My friend Maria told me she did intend to get me the first one too, but just couldn't find it, but thought book 2 looked so good, I had to have it no matter what! I've been wanting to read Angel, like, ever since it first came out, so couldn't be happier for the opportunity to finally get my hands on it (since I've got a handful of unread books lying around I couldn't justify before now to buy the book).


  1. Happy belated birthday! It's always great to get books you've wanted for a long time as gifts because as you said, it eases the guilt of having other books you haven't read yet!


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