The Ruby Knight by David Eddings

This post contained a review I wrote several days ago. Then either my iPad or blogger or the two combined messed up and published a blank post. My review is nowhere to be found. Am pretty angry about this to be honest.

Review will be rewritten when I've stopped cursing.

Until then I can tell you it's a good book, it got 4 stars but it also has all the same faults and flaws as the first book in the trilogy. However I love the books and recommend them to all that love fantasy.


  1. The same thing happened to me last night when I tried to post my Shatter Me review. I spent the night re-writing. Can totally understand your frustration.

    1. I never did get around to rewriting this which led me to not bother reviewing the third book either (conclusion though was that I still love these books despite their many many flaws). I don't know what's been up with blogger lately. It's especially bad with the iPad I've noticed - commenting is a bloody struggle, I ended up using my cellphone yesterday to comment on your review, nothing else worked :/


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