Still alive

Oh my God, it's nearly been a month since I last posted here??

Okay, I'm still alive, and I'm actually also still reading! Currently I'm about halfway through Soren Paul Petrek's Angels Don't Die as well as almost done with the 5 books of the Belgariad by David Eddings. Reviews will be posted!

There are a couple of books I want to get my hands on (Tamora Pierce's Mastiff amongst others as well as the upcoming latest True Blood book). After my bout of really bad books (mostly YA) I'm still struggling to read a lot of stuff, but I'm slowly making progress!


  1. Glad you are going to keep updating - we've missed you! :)

  2. I've been wanting to read Mastiff as well but I've read some spoilers and I don't know if I'll enjoy it so I keep putting it off! Will be curious to see what you think of The Belgariad series. We seem to be the only bloggers I know who have read them! Welcome back :)

  3. I feel you! I haven't been around as much either. Looks like you're keeping busy. I need to get Soren Paul Petrek's Angels Don't Die because I loved his other book. Can't wait for your review!


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