David Eddings Marathon coming to an end

So I spent a few weeks reading the two books; Belgarath the Sorcerer and Polgara the Sorceress, thinking I'd review them together.

 I'm not actually going to bother with a proper official looking review, 'cause I'm struggling to even write this. Am so caught up in my school work (just handed in one paper and now got to write one that's twice as long, due in a month) that writing much besides it just feels draining.

 (am also totally watching way too much television*, but let's not go there)

Anyway I discovered something while reading these books: I now like Belgarath's book the best. The two books basically tell the same story, it's just two different perspectives, and while some of Polgara's story is good (the first half) when she gets to the point where she's not on her own, but with her father constantly, during the same battles, the same events - it gets repetitive. I was bored. A lot. And she's starting to piss me off. She's bossy, she's a bully, she's so enormously full of herself and some of her comments, just... GRR! Belgarath is also a jerk at times and completely unfunny, but it's still better than hers.

However, if you've read the first 2 series, you might as well read these two final books, just to get the full story. I just don't think I'll be rereading them for a very long time now. At least not untill I've totally forgotten how annoying I've just found them. They're still worth some 3-4 stars, but I'm also heavily biased by past love for them.

 I'm currently not really reading anything, nothing seems to appeal to me, am sure it'll come eventually (maybe once I'm done watching tv way into the night ;)

 *Am a massive fan of Misfits, Once Upon a Time and Alcatraz.


  1. After reading the first few chapters of Polgara the Sorceress I became convinced that Eddings really hates women. Polgara is heaps self involved. All she does is piss and moan about stuff. Never mind that she's the most powerful woman in the world or she's so supposedly beautiful. Although in Eddings' books this doesn't really mean anything because all other women are beautiful as well...so suffice to say, I didn't like these books :)


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