I'm going to London in little than a week with my mother. We went to Paris last year and decided to take another little trip, just the two of us.

We nearly didn't get to go, due to our schedules not fitting, plane tickets being too expensive etcetera etcetera, but suddenly everything just clicked and we're going :)

I've been there numerous times, while my mom has only been there once , so she's asked me to make a list of all the things we could go see/would like to see and where they are so it will be easy to pick and choose while there.

That wasn't the only list I made though :p

Behold, my shopping list:

(edited to fix the picture being tiny)


  1. That's really exciting news. I've never been to London before. Make sure you take lots of photos for me. And have a great time.

    1. London is a great city, I hope you get to see it one day, I promise to take loads of pics in the mean time :) And thank you ^_^


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