50 Shades of Grey

No, I have not read the books, and no, I don't intend to.

My 3 main reasons:
  • I don't like reading erotica (throwing in the towel on that genre. I don't mind sex scenes in regular books, but all those details in erotic novels, I just don't need)
  • it started out as Twilight fanfiction which just got published for crying out loud (this sort of offends me the same way Cassandra Clare's success offends me (this post on ONTD sums up all my feelings on that subject) - in the mean time, while they're earning the big bucks I've had Writer's Block since I was 15 years old)
  • ... mommy porn? S&M fetishes for the main stream crowd? Oh hell no
All my suspicions and reasons for not reading the infamous books have been confirmed by many opinions aired on the internet, but this review by Wicked Wonderful Words nails it completely. As Willa says in it, these past few years we've seen one hyped book or series after the other and that's great as it keeps the market fresh. However I also think the hype sensation and the over the top fangirling can throw off a lot of readers. Honestly I turned down 50 Shades of Grey before I even properly knew it because of the Hype (sort of like the hate many developed for Twilight without even reading the series, because they were simply sick and tired of fangirls). Hyping is also the main reason as to why the YA section of every book store looks like a gothic dungeon filled to the over-flowing brim with black covers, neon coloured titles and mysterious female silhouettes or faces - all sprouting fangs.

Also in the rumours section - the author of 50SoG EL James may or may not rewrite the trilogy - this time telling the story from the guy's POV... so, exactly like Stephenie Meyer intended with Midnight Sun and Twilight.

Any thoughts out there? Any desire to complain or rant about a book or a series? Here's your chance :)


  1. I have been wondering why this one has become so popular. I kept thinking it was some kind of awesomely written new erotica with a great plot. And then I found out all the Twilight fan fiction stuff and had the displeasure of reading a snippet of the book. Truly terrible. I can't even describe it here it's that bad. All I can say is at least it gets people reading...

    1. There is that - at least it gets people reading. Whatever rocks their boat. It's just kind of sad it takes something so.. well, in my opinion, low, to get people to read.

  2. I couldn't agree more. I'm not into this genre anyway, but I've heard so many things about the book being poorly written and having almost no substance.

    Pass on that one! Also, I love your " YA gothic dungeon" reference! Bahaha, so true!

    1. Hehe, glad we agree :)
      And come on, those YA sections today are just packed with the same sort of books. I can't even properly remember what I read at that age (I think mostly just epic fantasy), but I'm really glad vampires and the like didn't become a hype until I was too old to get caught in that flood of angsty unstable relationships


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