Top Ten Bookish Confessions

I don't usually go for these memes (and this one is even outdated as it's the one from August 28th), but I suddenly felt like answering :)

Top Ten Tuesday is the fancy meme by The Broke and the Bookish

Top Ten Bookish Confessions (Anything! You dog ear, you hated a book but said you loved it, you have $500 library fines - anything goes!)
  1. I use anything as a bookmark. My cell phone, scrap paper, bus card, pen, a playing card my cat's chewed to pieces, a glow in the dark star - anything. I never dog ear.
  2. I write and highlight in school/uni related books (obviously only the ones I own)
  3. I struggle through books. It will have to be exceptionally badly written for me to put it down for good, it might be put on hold for months, but ever so slowly I will (usually) finish it.
  4. I like ebooks just fine, but find physical books easier to lie with in bed. Also as long as ebooks in many cases are as expensive or almost as the physical copy I'll rather buy the physical.
  5. I do read more than one book at a time, I have a hard time with it sometime, but sometimes it just can't be help.
  6. I detest YA love where the characters fawn over each other and how *gorgeous* they are and have found their one true love, but have absolutely nothing in common or simply don't know anything about each other.
  7. To quote ReadBreatheRelax: I am really worried that J.K. Rowling’s new book is going to be terrible.— The cover is atrocious….and the subject matter sounds so unlike her. I’m just straight up scared.
  8. Since I read so much in English, I've expanded my vocabulary. However, I don't always know how it's correctly pronounced which led to some entertaining moments with words like thorough and ominous (I was initially convinced it was omnious).
  9. I love the look of ancient books - those old leather-bound things from 50+ years ago. Even more I think it's awesome to read old Danish (translations) and see how differently words were spelled and the different syntax from modern language.
  10. In light of my economy being petite while studying, I've become a big fan of the library again rather than buying. I used the library endlessly when I was a kid, but had a streak where I didn't feel like it. Now I'm back, baby!


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