Library Haul #2

I collected a large pile of library books yesterday. I'd ordered quite a few over a couple of weeks and as luck has it, a lot of them became available all at once.

From top to bottom are:

CS Lewis - Prince Caspian

Lene Kaaberbøl - Vildheks #4

Jen Campbell - Weird things customers say in bookshops

Ellen Degeneres - My point... and I do have one

JK Rowling - The casual vacancy

Rick Riordan - Heroes of Olympus #3


I've read Campbell's, tossed Degeneres' out the window (figuratively speaking - but seriously, that was a waste of paper) and started on Lewis'. Reviews coming soon!


  1. That really is a big book haul! Will be interested in what you think of The Casual Vacancy. It's gotten such mixed reviews.

    1. I'm almost scared of starting it because of all those mixed opinions!


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