Books To Buy

Some have been published longer than others and I'm waiting for some to be released in a cheaper paperback version. Others I want to read now(!) but with money being tight it seems silly to buy them when I have so many unread on my shelves already. Will buy them all eventually though!

Do you have any books you want to buy as soon as possible?

EDIT: Yeah... I just caved and bought 3 of them. The Traitor Queen, Dead Ever After and A Memory of Light is now coming my way!


  1. LOL! This post is a perfect example of what book lovers must go through all the time. It's an addiction. I've been waiting for cheaper versions of books I want to buy to come out as well. I have a pretty big list :)

  2. I love that you put it down in list-form! When you have so many cravings in your head, it just helps to see it on paper! :)

    1. Makes it easier to prioritise too :)


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