So I got hit by a car...

As those who follow me on Twitter may know, I was hit by a car Friday evening when biking home from work.

I felt the need to write it down to work it through.

I recently set up a second blog for non-book related things, and frankly this kind of post wasn't how I'd imagined I'd start it out. However it's the best option I've got and it was nice to put some words to some feelings.

The post below is very long though and I don't blame you if you skip it.

To sum it up, the driver (an elderly man) didn't see me as he turned right crossing the bicycle path and though I managed to swerve and avoid the worst of a collision I was going too fast to stop that quickly and ended up hitting the ground. I've bent a few ribs and some scrapes and bruises, and frankly I'm not in the happiest place physically right now. However I was incredibly lucky and I try not to think about how badly things could have ended for me.

I hit the ground hard on my right side. Music still blaring in my ears (Will.I.Am and Britney's Scream & Shout), I could hear myself screaming. I didn't want to scream, but I couldn't stop. I couldn't breathe either. It wasn't a high pitched scream, it was more of an animalistic sound, air in, noise out.


  1. Sikke dog en voldsom, skræmmende og skelsættende oplevelse. Jeg kan godt forstå, hvis det har sat en del tanker i gang. Chokket må være enormt.

    Hvor er jeg glad for, det ikke gik værre (!), omend det selvfølgelig er slemt nok i sig selv. Jeg håber, du har det godt. Eller bare ok, for nu.


    1. Tusind tak. Jeg tror jeg på mange måder har svært ved at forholde mig til at det rent faktisk skete. Det er så surrealistisk. Er dybt taknemmelig for at jeg slap så billigt!


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