Bye-Bye to Google Reader

Ahoy Google Reader Subscribers!

In just 3 weeks time (July 1st) Google Readers ceases to be (and maybe GFC with it, according to rumours). Thusly - your subscriptions will go poof!

One way (which I strongly recommend) is to sign up for Bloglovin' instead! It's free, has a sleek design and works wonderfully - far better in fact, than Google Reader ever did IMO.

Another brilliant feature is that it has the most easy way to import all or just your favourite blogs from Google Reader - no hassle!

First, sign up

Then, click this link:

It'll take you here:

All the feeds you import, you can categorize and make it super easy to keep track of individual subjects like fashion blogs, food blogs and book blogs. I've personally never followed and actual ~read~ as many blogs as since I started using Bloglovin'.

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