So, what I completely neglected to mention back in my vlog-post was that Friday the 16th I passed my final exam and thesis, titled Digitized Identiy - Identity online and its consequences. I now hold a Master's degree in Library and Information Science in addition to my BSc (Bachelor's degree). In Danish my official title is cand.scient.bibl. After 5 years of hard work at the University I'm now done - no more school for me, ever!

It's very surreal for me to be done with it all. It feels like something huge has happened, but yet nothing has changed. I'm still just me. I think I'm still waiting for it to hit me properly that I'm starting a brand new chapter of my life.

I'm currently unemployed as I had to quit my otherwise awesome part time job in IKEA because of some bureaucracy nonsense in order to get enough unemployment benefits for me to get by on. I'm searching high and low for a job that allows me to use my education, but until then I'll have lots of time to read and review :)

Flowers from friends
My two best girl friends gave me this gorgeous bouquet congratulating me :)


  1. Congratulations! I remember how awesome it feels to be finally done with university :)
    Good luck for finding a job, enjoy all the extra reading time until then.

  2. Har du studeret Informationsvidenskab og Kulturformidling? :) (og tillykke! :D )


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