Darth Vader and Son by Jeffrey Brown

What if Darth Vader took an active role in raising his son? What if "Luke, I am your father" was just a stern admonishment from an annoyed dad? In this hilarious and sweet comic reimagining, Darth Vader is a dad like any other except with all the baggage of being the Dark Lord of the Sith.
Celebrated artist Jeffrey Brown's delightful illustrations give classic Star Wars moments a fresh twist, presenting the trials and joys of parenting through the lens of a galaxy far, far away. Life lessons include lightsaber batting practice, using the Force to raid the cookie jar, Take Your Child to Work Day on the Death Star ("Er, he looks just like you, Lord Vader!"), and the special bond shared between any father and son.

2 stars seems harsh but by Goodreads' defintion it "it was okay" and by my own It was ok, but could have been better and I guess it was. The pictures are nicely drawn and sort of sweet, but single frame comics have never really worked for me. I need stories. If you're a big Star Wars fan you might really like this book - or you may hate it for "twisting the story". All in all I only finished it because it barely takes 10 minutes to glance through, I'm sure if you're a fan you might take longer and even reread once in a while.

Darth Vader and Son
by Jeffrey Brown
ISBN13: 9781452106557
64 pages / published in 2012

Review by Iben Jakobsen, BoB, 2013


  1. Det er nemlig en fin bog med søde tegninger, men derudover ikke rigtig noget særligt. Ikke desto mindre har jeg dog givet den i gave til min kæreste, og det vakte vist stor glæde :)


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