Library Haul #4

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It's a little bit late now, but I got a final haul of books from the library before Christmas! (I would do a vlog, but where would I find the time?)

First up is The Fault in Our Stars by John Green! I've been waiting for this one for ages, I've heard so much about it but have managed to avoid most spoilers. Am prepared for a very sad story though.
[EDIT - I read it and absolutely loved it. Will try and review it soon. Need to find the right words first though.]

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion I've decided to read after seeing the trailer for the film and realizing I adored what I was watching. A YA romance zombie story? A must read.
[EDIT - I've started reading this and I'm quite liking it. But it is pretty weird.]

(In additional news I watched Beautiful Creatures and while the film was decent and pretty, I don't think I'll ever be tempted to read the book.)

The final book, hiding there in the background is not actually a book. It's a comic book, a classic Jumbobog in fact. Jumbo-books are Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse stories. I haven't read them in ages, but I recently remembered that 15 or so years ago I read #117 and for the first time ever it had a cliffhanger along with a - to be continued -. And I never got #118. Well I have it now! I didn't even know libraries stock jumbobøger until I started working in one :)
[EDIT - read it and was so disappointed in how the story arch ends. I can't believed I waited so many years on such a poorly executed story and end :( ]


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