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The year is coming to an end, the days have flown by and Christmas finally came.

In Denmark we celebrate Christmas on the eve of the 24th. We sit down to enjoy a festive meal usually pork roast, turkey or duck along with white potatoes, sugary brown potatoes, gravy etcetera. For dessert it's usually rice pudding or porridge wherein a whole almond has been hid. Whoever finds it gets a small present. Because we're not overly fond of the traditional dessert in my family we have a tradition of lighting a little candle by each plate and the one whose candle burns the shortest and the one whose burns the longest gets the token presents.

Once we can't drag it out any longer we'll all leave the room and dad will light the candles on the tree. We'll then gather round and go "oooh" before (reluctantly) singing psalms while dancing around the tree and by dancing I mean walking around in a circle holding hands. Once we deem the awkwardness and bad singing has gone on long enough we'll retreat to the couches and start handing out the presents.

Christmas Eve came and went and with a 5-year-old (my nephew) running the show there was never a quiet moment. He behaved pretty well all in all though and it was a nice evening. The food was great and the presents held many surprises and happy faces all around.

I got a lovely pile of good stuff and while I obviously love getting presents, I love giving them even more - particularly when I've managed to find something the other person is genuinely overjoyed receiving.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas (or if you don't celebrate it in some form or another had a lovely evening nonetheless).

For now I can't wait to see the latest Doctor Who episode (which aired last night on BBC) and tonight we'll be going to yet another party as my uncle turns 48 today :)


  1. Så fine billeder! Jeg håber, du havde en helt skøn jul - det lyder i hvert fald sådan :) Og sikke en fin gavestak! :)


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