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I've set a challenge for myself the upcoming year and made a posting schedule for BoB. Every second Monday in a month I plan on doing the Childhood Favourite thing/meme/tag/? and every single Thursday I'll try to make a personal post - a blog entry telling you a bit more about me. I'm not sure what the form will be yet; maybe there won't be one. One Thursday I may present to you a list over why I'm possibly related to Bridget Jones, another I might tell you everything you didn't really need to know about my cat Sofie. I have a cat, did you know that? Well now you do. See? isn't this fun? We're getting to know each other! Well, you're getting to know me at least, maybe if you've commented I'd be able to get to know you back.

Note: I'll maintain my review schedule of whenever I've got one ready for you.

To kick off this awkward first Thursday I'll tell you a few things about me. The basics.

I'm 25 years old and I live on my own in what's considered a fairly big city here in Denmark - nearly 107.000 people! I'm single and live in a tiny flat with my cat Sofie, whom I've had since May. I got her from a shelter; her previous owner hadn't anticipated how full of energy a young cat is. The size of the space she's set her claws in in my heart is enormous.

I've studied library and information science at university for 5 years and this August 2013 I got my Master's degree. My thesis was about digital identity - how we create a separate identity online, but how it also affects us offline. It is pretty interesting.

For the past 4 months I've been looking for work as a librarian and on November 18th I was so freaking lucky to get a sort of a internship at a Northern library for 3 months. I'm working there now and absolutely loving it. Being a librarian is my calling. The internship is unpaid unfortunately so while I'm working almost full-time I'm stuck on unemployment benefits, so I am also searching for "proper" (=paid) work. I am however, incredibly thankful for living in a country that enables me do this. It's through the Job Center and the Job Fund that I got the internship which gets me lots of experience to put on my resume.

I've read books all my life and I've had Borough of Books to document my addiction since the 17th of August 2010. So basically I got my Master's degree the day before BoB's 3rd birthday. That's my excuse for forgetting such a milestone - maybe I'll do something fun to celebrate next year?

Extra info about me today is the fact that I'm currently suffering from the worst cold I've had in years. They had to send me home from work today and I'm now stuck in bed with a massive head ache and a blocked nose.. *ACHOO*


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