PT - Winter Came

Oops. 3 days late. And even had this all written and ready for publishing. Oh well, it still applies, none of the snow has melted and another snowstorm hits us tomorrow.

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So winter so far in Denmark had been pretty uneventful. It'd barely even been cold. Then one Monday suddenly there was snow. A lot of snow. It pretty much caught the whole country unaware and for a single day there was a bit of chaos. The next day though it was almost gone again and instead left a thick thick fog blanketing the land.

Then suddenly they started saying that a blizzard - an actual massive blizzard - was coming our way. Particularly Northern Jutland (where I live) would be hit. We all scoffed. Yeah right.

But they kept warning us. We started wondering if they were right. All sorts of weather prophets said the same. Lots of snow in the North!

I warned my boss, half in joke, that if as much snow came as they said, I might struggle getting to work Friday.

Thursday it rained. Thursday night it rained.

Friday - there was snow. Lots of snow. And it kept coming. Together with winds up to 14 metres a second I was effectively snowed in. The roads were chaos with no one able to clear them as fast as they were covered, and the high way (free way?) was effectively closed for almost 4 hours in the South-going direction because of accidents.

It snowed the entire day and it kept on snowing a good part of Saturday too. It was bloody freezing (still is) and absolutely gorgeous.

Sunday I finally got my car free (had to dig and shovel for 45 minutes) and Monday there were no problems driving to work. Thank God.


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