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Working in a library means constant inspiration and constant temptation. Added with the direct access to get in line on any book, new or old, and if necessary order it home from any other Danish library means essentially every single day could be its own library haul post.

I haven't taken a picture of the numerous audio books I've borrowed and listened to as they never make it further from the library than my car. Every single day I drive back and forth I usually have at least two lying on the seat next to me.

(Fun fact, I've now attempted to listen to Red Dragon by Thomas Harris twice. Two Danish libraries have it in English. First time I made it 30 minutes into the book before the disc started jumping. I sent it back with a note (we aren't allowed to clean/fix/polish other libraries' materials) and ordered the other library's edition. 1½ hour in it too started jumping. I'm not considering if I should just read the physical book at some point or if I should reorder again from the first as they must have fixed theirs by now)

Working in a library has also for some inexplicable reason (well not really) meant that I read far more in Danish than I ever did before. But more specifically - Danish authors.

Of the 6 in the picture I've read two (Timur Vermes: Han er tilbage (Look who's back) & Hans Kirk: Fiskerne (The Fishermen)) and am reading the third (Kaspar Colling Nielsen: Den Danske Borgerkrig 2018-24 (The Danish Civil War 2018-24)). Idealistically I need to have read and reviewed a 4th (Meredith Ann Pierce: Ildbringerens fødsel (Birth of the Firebringer)) by Monday for the Childhood Favs tag, but I might just have to use the one I've already read (The Fishermen) - though I was more of a YA than a child when I originally read it.

The one I'm currently reading as well as a 5th (Maren Uthaug: Og sådan blev det (and that's the way it was)) I need to have read and formed opinion about the 24th of March as my boss and I will be hosting a book café for an older audience and I need to tell them about some new books I've read that they might want to read (IE - English fantasy is a no go).

The 6th and final book (Geo: Ikk' for sjov (not a joke)) I want to read as he's one of my cousin's fav comedians and though I don't like his style much, his book about his battle with cancer has a good rep.


  1. Åh sikke skønne fund! Jeg vil så gerne læse noget Maren Uthaug :D


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