Library Haul #7

Library Haul - the audio book edition 

I've become a huge fan of audio books over the last few months and for some reason, crime novels in particular suit my long hours driving to and fro. I reserved a fair number at the library and then suddenly one day they all arrived at once (I usually only have 1 or 2 lying in my car waiting to be heard).

I've in just under 5 month heard 6 out of 8 books by Danish writer Sara Blædel, whom I think writes some decent books with very well researched material. I'm not actually a huge fan of her protagonist Louise Rick, but the books are still good.

I've also heard 3 books by Camilla Läckberg, a great Swedish crime novelists who writes books filled to the brim with some of the most fleshed out characters I've ever encountered - and man, a lot of them are fucking annoying! She portrays some of the more undesirable traits in humans and she does it well. I've just started on the 4th book by her now, called Ulykkesfuglen/The Stranger.

Besides these two I've had a go at the older books by Thomas Harris. First I heard Red Dragon and today I finished The Silence of the Lambs. Initially I wanted to read them because I'm a huge fan of the TV series Hannibal, but quickly discovered that the books and the show have little in common. The books are definitely still worth reading though, and while I didn't find them to my taste (the characters annoy me, the dialogue is lengthy and Lecter really isn't all that smart or scary) I'm glad to be able to cross them off my bucket list.

Once I'm ready, I'll be checking out another Danish author, Jussi Adler-Olsen. He's a big name here in Denmark, but I've never read anything by him myself. I've been recommended this particular book by my dad who describes it as something you can't stop reading once you've begun.


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