Readathon Status #3 + mini-review

It's half past eight and I've finished my third book Shakespeare's Champion which is the second Lily Bard book by Charlaine Harris. I'm a bit surprised to be honest that I've only read 342 pages so far after 6½ hours, but I've just gotta keep on truckin'.

I ended up going out for pizza for dinner and brought the book along, reading as I walked (I live just 5 minutes from a pizza joint). It was incredibly nice to be outside in the sun for a bit both the walks to and from but also during the wait.

I'm feeling a bit tired right now, but I hope to read one more book before calling it a day (I won't be staying up all night reading). Next book is either by Jojo Moyes or Mark Haddon.

Harris' books are always somewhat guilty pleasures of mine and while I wasn't terribly impressed with the first in this series, this one didn't let me down. It's an easily read crime/mystery novel with a sort of complex main character who at least isn't your regular female heroine. Also, the descriptions of the new guy in town was basically everything I like and look for in a guy ;)
If I were to point out an annoying aspect of this book is that far too many guys want the main character and aren't shy about admitting it. I know it's just a female fantasy, but it annoys me every time I encounter it. The character is in no way described as your typical attractive woman and despite this - because of this - everybody wants to shag her. Luckily though it's mostly just annoying for a paragraph or two and then the plot moves on.

Shakespeare's Champion
by Charlaine Harris
Lily Bard #2
ISBN13: 9780425213100
214 pages / published in 1997

Review by Iben Jakobsen, BoB, 2014


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