Holiday on Rhodes

As I mentioned in my previous post I've just come home from a lovely holiday in Rhodes.

We stayed at a nice hotel on the Western side of the island which turned out to be the very windy side, whereas on the Eastern side it's far more calm weather and where the nice sandy beaches are. Neither me nor my dad are beach people though, so that didn't bother us, we barely even spent time by the pool.

Monday we walked around getting to know the place, Tuesday we took a guided trip first to the town Lindos. Lindos consists solely of white buildings all the way up a mountain/hill where you find the ancient acropolis consisting of among other things the ruins of a temple to Athena.
Afterwards we went to the city of Rhodes and spent the remainder of the day visiting the Old City, which is a massive fort/wall structure surrounding a big part of the city with old beautiful buildings and the Grand Master's Palace.

Wednesday we decided to walk up an actual mountain nearby to have a look at the acropolis of Ialyssos where we found the most gorgeous convent dating back to the Knights! it was so well preserved it looked like a movie set.

Thursday was boattrip day (you fill a big boat with turists and then sail them up and down the Eastern coast and let them jump in the water 4 times and feed them BBQ).

Friday we rented an ATV/quad and drove around the island ourselves, some 90 km in total up and down and around mountains. We visisted the Butterfly Valley, the rather underwhelming 7 Springs and the very ancient city of Kamiros (or as my dad put it, more old rocks - he jokes, we like ruins).

Saturday we once again spent the day wandering around the City of Rhodes and Sunday it was pool day before being picked up and driven to the airport at 10 PM.
We landed in Denmark at 3 AM and arrived home deadtired at 5:30 AM.

All in all it was a brilliant holiday, but now I seriously need to spend a few days relaxing, I've barely had time to relax all week!


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