Happy Birthday to me!

" Today is my one hundred and eleventh birthday! "

Well, not quite, but I am starting to feel old. It's my 26th birthday today and I'm really struggling to understand I'm supposedly all grown up and now officially closer to 30 than 20.

Last year when I celebrated my 25th birthday it was quite a big party gathering family and friends as we were also celebrating me getting my Master of Arts (MA) in Information Science and Cultural Communication (in Danish: Cand.scient.bibl a.k.a. Kandidat i informationsvidenskab og kulturformidling) and was over and done with University.

In the year that's passed since then I got a work-experience job with a Northern library for a few months and then got a proper job as a temp for a librarian on maternity leave in a bigger library more to the South. Just before the 6 months were up they renewed the contract and I'm currently scheduled to work here until the end of 2014 and am begging/hoping/wishing they'll be able to hire me afterwards.
I have also sold my apartment and am now looking somewhere cheap to rent nearer my current workplace and am currently living with my parents while that search goes on.

So on the Great List of Adulthood, I can currently say yes to having completely finished my education and having a job for the moment, but lacking are still a secure job, a place of my own (but that should be rectified again soon) and no relationship of any kind (though I do really love my cat).

All in all it's been a pretty good year and I'm looking forward to seeing what awaits in this next one.

26 - bring it!


  1. Åh, jeg håber, du havde en skøn dag! :')

  2. Happy Birthday! I nominated you for a Liebster Award....hope it's an ok gift! http://the-readathon.blogspot.com/search/label/Liebster%20Award


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