Moving - BOOKS!

I'm currently in the middle of moving (and constantly amazed at how much stuff I have, the boxes are never ending!)

Today, I got to one of my favourite parts though - unpacking my books. Now, I've been staying with my parents for a while and prior to that packed a few boxes with my favourite books and all the unread ones to have at their place - just in case. The rest of my books have been packed away and I haven't seen them for months on end.

Unpacking them today and rediscovering books I've read and loved was basically Christmas for me. It was hard work though as I had to also alphabetize them while unpacking so I can figure out where to put them (because of sloping walls my bookcases are in 3 different rooms rather than all together)

But enough talking - pictures!

After the 1st box:

After 2 boxes:
Gregory! Martin! Gaiman! Rothfuss!

After 3 boxes:
Tamora Pierce!!

After 4 boxes:
 Books! So many books!

After 5 boxes:
Oh God, the piles are getting unstable!

After 6 boxes:
Robert Jordan! David Eddings!

After 7 boxes:
Trudy Canavan and Charlaine Harris just outgrew everyone else, and look! Rowling!

and after the final 8th box:
My precioussss

All in all, I've counted that I own, in total 291 books of fiction.
And then of course there are also these guys:



  1. We have many of the same authors at our house! Although Martin is in my son's room. How did you decide which ones to keep? I also have most of Anne McCaffrey, Dick Francis, Piers Anthony, Lillian Jackson Braun and Elizabeth Lowell, and . . .


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