Readathon Ready

I am yet again participating in the semi-annual Readathon, this will be my 5th time.

[ You can read all my previous posts about the events here and you can find the wrap-up posts for the previous 4 readathons here: 13-14/10 201227-28/04 201312-13/10 2013 and 26-27/04 2014 ]

24 hour readathon

For those unaware, the 24 Hour Readathon is an amazingly social event where people from all over the world - more than 800 last time - come together and read. We sit on our own yet keep connected through various online social sites. I mainly stick to twitter and my blog throughout the event and I usually have such a good time; reading, chatting with others and cheering on their progress.

If you want to spend your weekend reading but also being social then join up here! (Note that there are 2 sign ups - 1 for you in general and 1 for where you want the cheerleaders to aim their cheers). It's never to late to join, there are no rules as to how much you should read, what you should read (anything goes!) or for how long you should be reading. The whole point is just having a good time.

I've been invited over to a friend's house for a big meetup of friends I haven't seen in months on end, so there will be quite a few hours between 5 PM and midnight probably where I won't be reading, so I'll have to cram in as many pages as possible beforehand and afterwards. I usually try and keep my schedule clear, but some things just overrule others.

Now, usually I post several blog posts throughout the readathon. I spam twitter with hourly/minutely details on how it's going, but post a post here every time I've finished a book, alongside with a mini-review of the book. I'm considering this time around to just do one master-post that'll be updated as I go along, but am unsure as there are pro and cons to both ways. On one hand it'll be far easier for others to keep track of my progress (I guess?), but on the other I'm worried people will either not realize when it's updated and won't scroll down and see the news or it might drown in the sea of other posts (I usually have more than 8 posts pr readathon!)

I would usually show you a big pile of books right about now; the pile of potential reads, but thanks to being so busy at work and unpacking the hundreds of boxes (or so it feels) in my apartment, I simply haven't gotten around to that as of yet. I have a mental list of possible books, and quite a few lined up on my ipad, so I'm certain I won't go lacking.

[lies, after writing this post but before posting it I showed off my pile on instagram]

But enough chatter, I look forward to seeing you all (hopefully) on Saturday at 14:00 / 2 PM Danish time!


  1. Det bliver spændende at se hvilke bøger du har valgt :)


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