The Go-To Read

After listening to the first book in the series of A Song of Ice and Fire, Game of Thrones, (for 30+ hours) in my car narrated by the fantastic Roy Dotrice (seriously, his amount of voices and personalities are amazing), I started rereading the second book, A Clash of Kings on the plane to Rhodes back in the middle of August.

Since Rhodes I haven't touched the book often as there are so many other library books waiting for my attention, and curiously enough among these also the audiobook of A Clash of Kings narrated by Dotrice (and I'm kind of tempted to listen to it again rather than read - but it takes 37 hours!!).

The brilliant part about reading it though, is being able to jump back into it between every other book I read and just read a chapter or two. I've read it before and remember just enough to keep the plot going and this way, if I suffer from reader's remorse (bad book) or high (brilliant book) this can get me back in the game.

Do you have any books that you can keep reading for ages without hating it?


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