Book Haul #12 - London 2014 pt1

I'm back from London!

I went to London with my parents on Sunday the 7th of December for a nice little seasonal holiday (of 5 days) and we had a great time. We're a family of walkers so we walked every where. Our tiny but clean hotel was near King's Cross Station and from there we walked to every single museum, shop and old building we could possibly think off - and back again. I tried using my endomondo app to keep track of our walking, but the gps kept acting up. But I estimate we walked up to 20 km on some days - seriously. My feet still hurt.

We were insanely lucky with the weather, the sky was a clear bright blue every day and though it was cold it wasn't freezing - and it never rained during the day!

This must have been something like my 10th visit to London, so there was a lot of re-seeing things, but I love London, so that's alright. I learn something new about the White Tower every time I go, the history of London and the English royalty is massive and very interesting.

Besides all the cultural stuff we, of course, also went shopping. I meant to buy some Christmas presents but kept having the doubts - what if they already have this film, what if they don't like this shirt, what if this dress is too small? It can't be exchanged after all.. So in the end I just bought a lot of stuff for myself and spent a crazy amount of money. My 3 fav stores are Boots (makeup!), Primark (awesome cheap clothes!) and, naturally, Waterstones (BOOOOOOKS!)

I visited Waterstones many many times - So here is ... My London Book Haul #1:

In the bag from my first shopping spree we find the following 4 books;

I bought
  • A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen - I've seen this one around online and thought it looked cool :)
  • Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami - Having read one other book by Murakami, I decided to try another by him - having him on my book shelf will also make me look cooler ;)
  • Cat Out of Hell by Lynne Truss - Missing my cat Sofie (my sister took care of her while I was away), I was drawn to books with cats on the cover. I have no idea what this book actually is or if it's any good. I had no access to internet when away from the hotel and no way to look it up on Goodreads.
  • Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson - I've been wanting to read this since like forever and I just couldn't not buy it.


  1. Ih "A streetcat named Bob" er den sødeste bog, jeg har læst i år! Sådan en hjertevarmende fortælling! :)

    1. Jeg glæder mig også SÅ meget til at læse den :D

  2. Mmm... Waterstones... *suk*
    Den første bog har jeg stående på min ønskeseddel - det lyder som en sød og hyggelig historie :-)

    Den lille Bogblog

    1. Waterstones er et paradis. Fatter ikke hvordan danske bogbutikker kan sælge engelske (uoversatte) bøger til mere end dobbelt pris herhjemme.


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